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The answer is a simple YES, YES, YES !! 

Here is how the process usually occurs, you decide one day that you want to sell your property so typically, you clean it up, paint, do a few things to make it more attractive to a potential buyer. You then contact an agent who will help you determine the market asking price and you list your home. You get an offer you like and accept and now you start worrying because you have no idea about what the appraiser will come in at with an appraised value, you have no idea if your buyers will qualify and then on top of all that, what will the home inspector find? Worry, worry, worry. Why? 

There are things in every transaction that you can and can not control but one of them you can control to some extent is the home inspection in regard to how it affects you and here is how. Before you list or during your list period order an inspection of your own and here are the reasons why;

1. It will save you money.  I recently read an article by the National Association of Realtors where they stated that buyers equate $3 to $4 in perceived reduction in value for every $1 in actual repairs needed. In other words, let's say you need a new hot water heater and the cost is $1000, in the eyes of the buyer they will typically ask for repairs and or concessions in the $3000 to $4000 range. By fixing all the issues in advance of a sale you can eliminate these type of concessions and or demands.

2. Time. Typically, an escrow will close in 30 to 45 days and of that time, the first ten days or more depending on your contract are inspection and or due diligence periods which means that you could end up with just as few as 20 days to get the work done.

Again, this cost you money because you are under time constraints and pressure to get the repairs completed and may not have the time to get multiple bids choosing the bid you feel is the best for you both in cost and in the technician to use.

Sometimes,  the service that can get there quickest is not busy for a reason, could it be they are over priced or the work quality is bad? Without having time to check references and comparing prices you will not know. Having an inspection before you go into escrow let's you identify defects, get multiple bids for repair, the ability to check references of the contractor, and allows you to effect repairs in your time frame.

3. Stronger bid's. You can advertise as part or your marketing program a "Pre Inspected" home. The vast majority of homes out there are NOT pre inspected therefore if yours is, you are offering buyers who confidence that you are a serious, open, and honest seller. If all things are equal between your home and another that the buyer is considering, does it not make sense that they might choose the home that is pre inspected as it offers them confidence that you are a seller interested in full open disclosure and that you have pride in ownership wanting the property be in the best condition possible?

4. No surprises. One of the biggest issues in home sales are the things you can not see that the inspector finds. Most items are small but there are the occasional items that are not. In addition, many parts of a home support another part so when one fails, it starts affecting another which starts adding the cost of repair. The sooner you identify and repair an item usually the less expensive it is.

Here is a good example that I see a frequently, let's say the pressure regulator on your water supply is no longer functioning which I find and comment on in the inspection, as a result, your water pressure in the home is 110 PSI where it should be between 35 PSI and 80 PSI.

This high water pressure can damage pipes in the plumbing system as well as damage your dishwasher, hot water heater, washing machine, and any other appliance that is water fed.The inspection report will state that this is what high water pressure can damage so put yourself in the mindset of the buyer, would this be something that migh impact your decision to buy the home? Yet with a pre or during list inspection you learn about it, you repair it, and it is no longer an issue.

5. Your SPDS or Sellers Disclosure. One very under looked item is to have your home inspector inspect and comment on these items especially if they are repaired items. Nothing gives a buyer more confidence in a seller that discloses, repairs, and certifies those repairs,

5. Peace of mind. Homes are constantly changing from day to day and a part that works today may not tomorrow but by and large, with a good home inspection, there should be no major issues for you to deal with.

6. Lastly, many buyers who are presented with a home inspection by the seller often times do not do another. They certainly have the right to and should in fact do so but many times they do not.


There are many folks out there that have no idea about a building and how to identify issue or potential issues or who just do not have the time.  By ordering an annual fitness inspection, it will give you the chance to identify and repair items that are at or near the end of their service life in your home.

This is especially popular with seniors who can no longer access certain areas of the home safely or where they have lost a significant other who always took care of those things.

By having an annual inspection we can monitor conditions from one year to the next and offer you long term advice on maintenance and upkeep.